Most people know Rwanda for the tragic genocide that occurred there in 1994 in which more than a million people were killed and thousands more were brutally maimed. Since that time, the Anglican Church has played a vital role in facilitating healing and forgiveness in a country ripped apart by poverty, hatred and violence. There are 13 million people living in Rwanda. Seventy percent of them make less than $800 per year. Fifty percent of the children are malnourished. And almost 90% of women in Rwanda never finished secondary school. There are no government-funded social services. So the Church plays a pivotal role in addressing the needs of the people. It is imperative that the Church become financially self-sustaining in order to support its work there.

As a business management and marketing consultant for the past thirty-five years, I feel uniquely qualified to help build businesses for the Anglican Church in Rwanda in order to generate income to continually finance schools, daycares, feeding programs and church planting. So I am moving into the Mission Field in Rwanda to put my talents to work for the Body of Christ.

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Home_images The Anglican Church in Kenya has successfully developed a Corporation, holding a portfolio of businesses that generate several million dollars a year to fund Church ministries.

Our goal is to create a similar model for the Anglican Church in Rwanda through an initiative called Walk With Rwanda. Our first venture will be to build a 31,000 square foot office building on a piece of property owned by the Church which will be rented out at competitive rates. We are also exploring various agricultural and consulting businesses, the proceeds of which will go directly to the ministries of the Church.

By 2050, forty percent of the Christians in the world will live in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Rwandan Church will be part of that growth. The Walk With Rwanda project is critical to insure the Rwandan Anglican Church grows, not just in numbers, but in quality and breadth of ministry. The Walk With Rwanda Initiative is key to making that happen.

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